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The Octode Ltd. since it was set up pursues consistent policy of updating the technical base, improving the quality and increasing the volume of the services rendered. An exclusive part in this is assigned to the construction of a new TV & radio broadcasting complex including an antenna tower, 258 m high.The construction will be carried out at the technical territory of the enterprise, its total area is six hectars and the Octode leaseholds it (for 49 years).
The key project institutes in Moscow were invited to develop the project estimated documentation in 2000. The workshop # 8 of Moscow Institute "Mosproject - 2" under the leadership of Mr. B.V. Paluy, an Honoured Russian architector, is the general project organization. The metalwork of the TV & radio tower is developed by the creative staff under the guidance of Mr. B.V. Ostroumov, Ph. D.,engng, Melnikov Central Research & Design Institute of Steel Building Structures, high-rise structure department.
The project was subject to the State expertise and the conclusion was positive (# 76-175/00 of May 28, 2001).
The new TV & radio tower is designed as an open work octahedral spatial metalwork of pipes of increased strength. It will not only provide the necessary height of the antenna installation but due to its original constructive design will become an architectural dominant and decoration of the North West region of Moscow.
The stability of the construction is provided not only by constructive metalwork but to a great extent unique foundation of increased strength. It is a spatial frame construction of cast-in-situ concrete, 350 mm thick. The walls are vertical disks of rigidity, they tie the lower and upper cast-in-situ reinforced concrete bedplates and form a single stiffened construction. Such solution allows to keep the stability of the tower even in case of unpredictable soil shift under one of its supports.
The distance between the horizontal disks of rigidity (lower and upper bedplates) is 4,5 m that allows to place technological premises between them. So the foundation is at the same time a technical building of the transmitting complex and a supporting construction of the TV & radio tower.
The construction of the new TV & radio broadcasting complex is planned to start this year.