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In October 1991 a group of leading Russian experts in the field of broadcasting and telecommunication facilities established the first in the country non-state broadcasting operator company – “OCTODE” Ltd.

Such specialists as A. S. Batyushkin, V. G. Buryak, M. A. Elizarov, A. A. Ivanov, G. A. Kliger, A. F. Lisyansky, O. P. Nikiforov, T. I. Peskova, M. G. Rozenblat, A. T. Titov, O. I. Faerberg have made a large contribution to the development of the company during various periods of its progress.

The main arias of company business are – broadcasting services VHF (65.9-74 MHz) and FM (87.5-108) range, analog and digital television broadcasting, information transfer in various telecommunication environments, development and implementation of various radio facilities and aerial equipment in the broadcasting industry.

The first radio station, which programs went on the air on a frequency of 73.4 MHz March 1992, was Radio 7. Soon after that Ekho Moskvy radio station began to be broadcast on 66.86 MHz as before it had been broadcast only over MW mode. Nowadays station Dobryye Pesny is working on the abovementioned frequency.

At the same time the preliminary activities to organize stereo broadcasting/multicasting over FM mode in Moscow were held. The technical facilities of OCTODE Ltd. were extended and great attention was paid to recruitment and on-the-job training.

The all abovementioned allowed broadcasting of radio station “Prestizh Radio” in autumn 1992 on 101.7 MHz (now “Nashe Radio” is being broadcast on this frequency). As the result of implementing a range of original technical solutions on 150 meter pole, that was situated on the territory of the company in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki district, Moscow, where the antennas broadcasting on eight frequencies VHF and FM range were installed, as well as telecasting of two TV channels.

During the whole period of its work the company has been planning and investing considerable funds into assuring of environmental protection standards and guidelines in the adjacent territory, the company organized regular monitoring of the radio field in the dwelling zone and this was continually mentioned by the bodies of “Rospotrebnadzor”.

At the end of September 1992 radio a station “Radio 7” began to be broadcast FM mode (104.7 MHz). April 1994 the famous “Serebryany Dozhd” (Silver rain, 100.1 MHz) was first put on the air. High level of technological discipline, strict observance of sate rules and standards, absolute fulfillment of contract obligations assured stable and dynamic progress of the company.

Vast implementation of state-of-the-art developments and upcoming trends in broadcasting industry has earned a great reputation for the company among both Russian and foreign broadcasters and operators.

OCTODE Ltd. was one of the first companies to be granted the right to transmit supplemental information on subcarrier frequencies of VHF-FM transmitters that was the beginning of RDS systems implementation in Russia. Early in 1992 pager communication services were started.

At the same time transmission of digital information provided by major national and foreign information agencies to corporate customers in Moscow on subcarrier frequencies FM mode was started. As subscriber receiving devices "Ìainstreem Data" (USA) receivers are used in this system of distribution.

June 1994 after fulfillment of a range of engineering activities, installation and implementation of a new equipment system OCTODE Ltd. received broadcasting license to broadcast 34 TV channel in Moscow. Today “THT” (TNT) program is being broadcast on the channel.

Conversion of new frequency ranges, the growing level of quality and reliability requirements demanded to reconsider and modify the whole production capacities of the company. Low power and out of date broadcast transmitters were replaced by up-to-date automated and remote-operated equipment.

Along with implementation of professional transmitters by famous German "Rohde & Schwarz" group of companies OCTODE Ltd. has worked with American "ENERGY ONIX Broadcast Eguipment Ñî., Inc.".

After long and dependable operation of broadcasting transmitter MK-1.5 - that had been purchased from the American company - a decision to launch together with "ENERGY ONIX Broadcast Eguipment Ñî., Inc." a new more powerful and up-to-date transmitter ECO-6 was made. The transmitter with capacity of 5.0 kW first was certificated by the awarding authority Goscomsvyaz Rossii in 1995.
Afterwards taking into account previous experience the experts of OCTODE had updated the transmitter and it was produced more than two dozens samples of this reasonably priced, user friendly and reliable transmitter. This allowed not only to supply the own equipment stock but to supply other radio communications centers of Russia with ECO-6 transmitters (saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Perm, Krasnodar, Kemerovo etc.).

At the same time in order to expand business and under agreement with "ÎÌÂ Sistemas Electronicos S.A", Spain, professional broadcasting equipment (FM transmitters, exciters, stereo coders, produced by the mentioned Spanish company) was distributed in Russia. Sate certification and warranty service was provided by OCTODE Ltd.

The company extended FM broadcasting as far as it was given new broadcasting licenses. July 1998 the programs of “Radio Sport” were launched on 103.4 MHz, which had been broadcasting till the end of 1999. From April 2000 “Radio Mayak” started working on the frequency.

September 2000 the regular broadcasting of Radio Lubov’ (Love Radio) began on 106.6 MHz. Later in 2001 the radio station was broadcast on 66.02 MHz VHF mode.

OCTODE Ltd. was one of the first in the country to launch practical work in the field of experimental research of the opportunity of high-speed transmission of bit-transfer rate and information network access in the bandwidth 574-582 MHz. The activities are being held according to the State commission on radio frequencies decision ¹ 10/3 09 June 2001 and are approved by federal state unitary enterprise “Glavny Radiochastotny Tsentr” (the main radiofrequency center). For this purpose a digital TV transmitter and other equipment was purchased from Czech company TESLA. Experimental TV broadcasting of various content began on 34 TV channel 01 February 2002.


It should be noted that during the tragic events on Ostankino TV tower in August 2000 when almost all of national TV channels stopped their transmission because of the fire OCTODE Ltd. by the order of the Government promptly provided the work of the channels “Kultura” and “NTV” from all of its equipment. The company’s experts were awarded Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Media.

In jubilee year of 1997 (Moscow was 850 years old) and in 2000 OCTODE Ltd. was included in “Golden book of Moscow entrepreneurship”. The company takes part in special international exhibitions, conferences and forums.